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Today, many Atlanta small business communities need help adapting to COVID-19 to rise up, recover and thrive once again. Through the Resurgence Grant Fund, eligible businesses and non-profits may be awarded grants to reimburse costs incurred (after March 3, 2021) by adapting business operations in a post-COVID environment. Through this program, Invest Atlanta seeks to lessen the negative financial impact to businesses and cover costs associated with operating safely during the pandemic. The Resurgence Grant Fund was made possible by an $8.2M allocation through the American Rescue Plan

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I've heard awards are being distributed. Where is my award?

We have started the process of disbursing grant awards. How do you know you've been awarded?

  • If you see a Budget tab with an approved amount on your Neighborly portal, your application has been approved for funding. Expect to receive a grant agreement from one of our partner firms. This agreement will have to be executed before funds are disbursed.
  • If you do not see a Budget tab, your application has not been funded at this time.
  • We are continually processing awards and will have all funds disbursed as quickly as possible. Please continue to check your Neighborly portal regularly for your most up to date status. 

How did application processing work? 

  • All documents provided with each application were individually reviewed for verifiability and legitimacy. 

  • Applicants with incomplete applications were contacted directly and given the opportunity to complete “Outstanding Tasks” with their application by submitting missing information. 

  • Outstanding Tasks are messages, that an assigned application processor has sent via the application software, requesting additional information or corrections to information that was entered incorrectly. 

How were awardees selected? 

  • Awardees were selected based on a scoring matrix used by an external scoring committee. 

  • Location-based criteria, meeting priorities of the City’s Economic Mobility Plan and the U.S. Treasury;  

  • COVID-relief funding applicants may have received previously;  

  • Minority Business Enterprise, Female Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise certifications; 

  • Veteran-owned; 

  • How the applicant was impacted by COVID; and  

  • How the funds would impact the applicant’s plans for reopening/adapting to a post-COVID environment. 

Who made the decision on awardees? 

  • Each application was scored by two members of the Resurgence Grant Fund Scoring Committee, a group of local volunteers with business expertise. 

  • The Scoring Committee is made up of 59 external people who are knowledgeable of and dedicated to Atlanta’s small business, non-profit, and arts communities. 

Why did the total grant fund amount change? 

  • Maximum award amounts were decreased from $40,000 to $20,000 in order to fund as many applications as possible with the funds available. There was extremely high demand for grants, with  2,473 applications submitted.

Other Resources

Invest Atlanta and other partner organizations have programs currently open with funding resources or consulting services that may be helpful to you, including: 

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  • LISC (lending products) 

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